Tuesday, August 15, 2006


This is the main reason why we need to look for alternate sources of energy beyond petroleum. The money Westerners pour into the Middle East for our oil dependency (guilty as charged here as well so I cast no stones at anyone) is supporting evil dictatorships, Fundamentalist terror organizations and suppressive regimes. Our only recourse to this type of rhetoric is to seriously look at alternative fuel methods. If we can loosen our dependence on oil we will strike a blow at all these countries. They exist in this form more or less because of Western influence and our influence is because of oil dependency. I wholly disagree with the current administration’s tactics. They have done nothing but feed the flames of hate for Westerners by acting EXACTLY how they expect us to act. I say, we withdraw support for all these countries by withdrawing the only thing that keeps status quo over there: OIL. If the brutal and wealthy can’t control the people with their money-power then perhaps real humanitarian change can occur. And with that perhaps education will raise up that region. It’s a long road that I do not expect to see in my lifetime but perhaps in my children’s or their children’s lifetime we will finally see the Middle East know peace and in turn we will be free of the terror threat that roils from dissatisfaction, oppression, poverty, religious brainwashing and hate.

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