Friday, March 23, 2007

What about George?

If Clinton was impeached for PERJURY, then what about GEORGE BUSH and the rest of the administration. Isn't lying to get the United States into an idealistic war that killed thousands of Americans with absolutely no provable and clear benefit to the United States or threatened danger to Democracy an impeachable offense if not TREASON by the accounts listed above? Glad you pointed this out. We may have missed Clinton's missteps but I'll be damn if I let GWB and his cronies get away with it.

This is not Vietnam, this is worse. In Vietnam we at least had the excuse that we were defending a country against Communist invaders which at the time was our stated foreign policy. What is our foreign policy now? Get involved in wars with dictators who are being essentially boxed in by United Nations sanctions and pose no imminent threat expect ones that we had to invent? Dar-four should be so lucky as Iraq.

By the way, in my very humble opinion George Bush should have been impeach for impersonating a real man when he played dress up on an air craft carrier and announced "Mission Accomplished." That was a lie. And it embarrassed the United States. Too bad US Presidents don't have to go through a rigorous testing process that includes a psychological examination. We'd avoid a lot of embarrassment.

To close, I would definitely make a poor president. I care too much about America.

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