Monday, September 05, 2005

Oil Prices, PDBs, WMDs, and the W’s Q&A Bible.

I see that oil closed at about $66 per barrel as of Friday, September 2nd. The oil disruptions from Hurricane Katrina must have really kicked us in the butt because I thought that not only were we going to find WMDs in Iraq pointed directly at the United States but we were going to use the oil produced in the country to pay for its reconstruction. Besides that, I believe that we could redirect some of those resources to the U.S. for reserves. Well, now is the time. The other shoe has dropped. It’s the perfect storm of oil crisis! So where is all this extra oil? I’ve heard other people say that the administration stole oil from Iraq after the invasion and as much as I’d like to believe it, I generally don’t. My conspiracy theories don’t go that deep. I have been proven wrong though so I am open to anything. Like when I told everyone on the LIRR commuting to NYC that I thought the impeachment of Bill Clinton was smoke and mirrors and that I thought that the Republican bull dog, Ken Starr, was distracting the country from more important matters. Most people sneered at me and said I didn’t “get it.” I guess I didn’t, because while we mused, Rome burned. Osama Bin Laden was planning to take down the towers by more determined means using airplanes. I never thought of that! So I guess that I didn’t "get it." I was referring to the poor and the destitute in the United States. I was referring to the health care crisis. I was referring to the economy about to burst. The disparity between rich and poor. Suburban sprawl. Teenagers taking guns to school and shooting their classmates. Things like that. Not September 11th. Sorry, my fault. I was wrong. The Starr Report was right. In hindsight which was more important? The attention on the Starr Report or the PDB (President's Daily Briefing) titled, “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.?" (The Smoking Gun or PDF of PDB) The reports on the Report say that no new information was presented and that it only reported historical findings. This report was prepared in response to President’s Bush request after he heard something in a debriefing he wanted elaborated. See: See White House Site Two things I find wrong with that statement: 1. Bush paid attention to something and 2. He requested something to read. He claims to have read the bible but I bet he only listened to it read to him in church. I read the bible and believe it or not to anyone who hasn’t read it, it’s a woozy of a book. It’s complicated, has lots of drama, relationships (some shocking) and G-d is put in a pretty harsh Point Of View. I mean he’s nice to the Jews most of the time but he’s got a short temper in my version of the Five Books of Moses. The only one who can reason with him is Moses himself who begs for forgiveness on the part of the Jews when they screw up and go astray which is often. But if you happen to be one of those tribes that get in the way of the Chosen People. Watch out because your gonna get your butt smote and I mean for good. It’s actually a good read if you can get through all the technical stuff of the generations who begat everyone else and the instructions on how to build a temple and which sacrifices to make for which sins and which offerings to make for which holidays. One thing that I couldn’t understand when reading it was the elaborate instructions on how to make the temple, the ark for the scrolls, the coverings and the priestly robes. I was baffled. But then I thought about it from a historical angle and it made sense. G-d was instructing the Jews in how to organize their religion. He was telling them this is the proper way to build a temple and how to clothe my teachings. All the gold and silver bangles showed to the populace how important it was to follow these laws. To have laws and keep them. The laws were important. Without organized religion we may have never become civilized in the sense that Western Culture has been civilized. Some may argue for the opposite side but since it’s all we got then we have to live with the way it began. For some reason I don’t think Bush got all that from his readings. I guess he didn’t get that far back.
I find it hard to talk about George W. Bush without thinking of religion. He’s prides himself on his morality and his religion. He consults the Bible before making decisions. I wonder where I get that Bible? I need it. How should I deal with this irritated customer? Look it up in the handy dandy Q&A Bible. My son just came home late past his curfew? Look it up. It tells you right there. I want to attack a really annoying dictator in a country that is a moderate threat to the United States when there are probably better ways to deploy our forces to combat terrorism? Right here in the Bible it says use moderately reliable CIA intelligence to fake a hoard of WMDs in country. What do I do with my patsies? Smote them! See it’s all there in the Bible. You just have to know where to look for it.
Here’s what I don’t understand, if the Jews are the chosen ones why didn’t we get all the oil? Must be an oversight. We got Israel but there’s no oil on it! Some things I don’t understand. Just a thought.


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Great stuff. Keep it up. I love the blending of ideas.