Friday, September 16, 2005

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing.

The FEMA director Brown resigned. Another scapegoat for the Bush administration. Don’t worry about him he’ll get another job somewhere making a ton of money. Just like with Colon Powell’s son. Here’s the thing I don’t understand about Bush. Wasn’t he supposed to be the uniter not the divider? Wasn’t that his platform against Kerry in the election campaign in 2004? Since 9/11 as Bill Mar pointed out so well on his last HBO show, we’ve lost the Twin Towers, the good will of all the important nations in the world and now New Orleans! What’s next? If by uniter he means “my way or the highway,” then he’s right on track to destroying this country. His fundamentalist moral agenda is dangerously close to the way the fundamentalist Muslims have highjacked their religion. They have the right road to G-d and anyone who disagrees is a heathen. Bush has Co-opted religion for his own means. He parades around like moral statue but he’s really this insidious liar with no regard for the people. He high jacked religion to blindside the poor and middle of the road religious right and then went ahead and got caught with his pants down in Iraq, the economy, and now this FEMA thing. There are no WMDs, the economy is not getting better since oil prices are through the roof, the stock market is flat and the only thing surviving is the housing market which good old is trying to destroy or temper. Then there’s this practice of putting into power anyone Bush or his family drank or played pool with over the years. Highly incompetent people like Brown and Rice. Otherwise he’s got these patsies out front like Colon Powell towing the line because of all the good the first Iraq War did for him and oh by the way we gave your son a job in the FCC another incompetent. Is there no end to this? Is America asleep at the wheel? Are we going to continue to let this president use the White House like an old boy's club? Where are the editorials railing against this abuse of power and incompetence? Are we so full of pride that some of us, and you know who you are, can’t fess up that your golden boy president is an incompetent fool who can’t string two words together without ending up looking like an uneducated lout? I mean how does his press corps let him go out and say the things he does on TV? Like after Hurricane Katrina when he kept the old party talk he’s been spouting from the days after 9/11 to Iraq to now: “These people will rebuild!” What’s the matter with this administration? Tell that to the guy who needs food and water. Tell that to the women and children holed up in a half destroyed dome. Tell that to the old man sitting on his roof, floodwaters surrounding him, waiting to be rescued. New Orleans residents and the surrounding area affected by this storm need actual help. They needed action, control and a guy who can react quickly to disaster. What the heck was Bush doing when the Hurricane hit? Reading books to schoolchildren, contemplating the dumb luck he has to be the moral compass for a nation that doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about half the time? When disaster strikes you can keep you soft words and your Yale smile to yourself and let the real men take over controlling this country. I think we’ve had enough of this man-boy already. Let a guy who’s worked his whole life and actually accomplished a thing or two do some real work instead of this cardboard cut out of his father.



Anonymous said...

Very interesting perspective... an intelligent insult; it would be hard for a rebuttal from the opposite side (so- good job).

ObilonKenobi said...

Thanks. I know that one of the main weaknesses of this administration is that they do not make room for the other side's opinion but I say fight fire with fire.