Friday, October 14, 2005

80s TV. (To Be Continued...)

I had some comments on the last blog post where many readers who loved the old shows didn't like what they became in their waning years. Not sure if the A-Team ever did a reunion show but I never liked the reunion shows anyway because they tended to be cheap and usually not as good as the regular shows. I also find movie versions of shows really bad. I don't think I've seen a good one yet. Brady Bunch was an all right movie remake but Hollywood tends to make the movie versions self-referential and mocking. They are never "serious" remakes. Think Starsky & Hutch. It was a Saturday Night Live sketch of a show that took itself seriously. I heard they are doing Land of the Lost movie with Will Ferrell. Will Ferrell? You can already tell it'll suck. I waited a long time for them to pick that up and now they are ruining it. I hope they pull it off but I think it's going to be another Starsky & Hutch. I mean the movie was OK and a little funny but it wasn't a movie version of the show. If they did the A-Team movie version they could update it to make it good. (I am officially throwing my hat in the ring to write the script! Anyone listening? I'll also write the Knight Rider movie... And the cross-over.) Back to Land of the Lost, couldn't it be done well? Couldn't we get someone who knows how to balance the line between camp and drama like Joss Whedon? Now that boy can write dialogue and he knows how to craft a story arc. I think it a shame what they do to old TV shows. Movie and TV are two different concepts and what works on one doesn't work on another. How about a remake of a TV show on TV?

Speaking being critical, I mentioned that Teh Blog Father reviewed my blog and I thought it funny and of course true. Here's the entire review reprinted and another link back to Teh Blog Father. Just because I owe it to him. Also, remember to go there and read other reviews he's done. Check out the sites that they link to. Traffic is the key to this whole thing so share and share alike:

"Obilon Kenobi: The Last Jedi

So, your homegirl thinks Jedi warriors are like soooo dreamy [love bubbles popping], but she likes the bad-boy type and wants to date Darth Maul. Blasphemy!! I hear you cry, and I would have disagreed with you, but then I met the chosen one, the only remaining Jedi on the planet: Obilooooooooon Kenobiiiiii! Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee, let her date Obilon, and stars she will see (literally, 'cause this homie has the bling bling)! Writing about writing, politics and magical electrons, this bruthah, I mean Jedi, will show her The Force from the comfort of his couch, complete with beer in hand and a potbelly to boot. And to all dem playa haters who stand in his path? It's hasta la vista, babaaaay! Or is that another movie altogether? Oh hell, just show the man some loooooove!"



The Phoenix said...

I believe they ARE working on a new A-Team project. It's not going to be a spoof, but a real movie version with up-to-date characters. Mr. T might even reprise his role. The guy, when all things considered, hasn't aged much at all.

Thanks for the info. on Teh Blog Father...although it should be Teh Blog Fadder, as I am from NYC and was raised by real Italians with Mafia ties...for real.

It's a great concept, and I got my submission in last second, and he picked me...very very cool.

Kyle Stemen said...

"How about a remake of a TV show on TV?"

Didn't they do that plus movies for the Ninja Turtles? I can't say it turned out too well.

Lol, at least it's better than making a movie out of a video game *Cough: Super Mario Brothers*

ObilonKenobi said...

Ohhh... Don't get me started on Video Games made into movies!

Teh Blog Father said...

Deary me, Jedi warrior! All those links in one post?? It's no wonder your review is currently ranking as the second most popular ;-)

The Pheonix:>It's a great concept, and I got my submission in last second, and he picked me...very very cool.

I couldn't resist reviewing yours after that creepy Ghost Baby story. I enjoy a good fright. Keeps one alive in the mafia :-D

ObilonKenobi said...

Teh Blog Father - I love to link! Trying to get to number one!