Monday, October 03, 2005

Shameless Self Promotion

OK. So you thought I was above this kind of thing right? Nope, you're wrong. Go shopping in my store. Buy stuff. Help send my kids to college. Support the arts. Stop reading this and click on the link darn it and get out your credit card.

Thank you.

Lon S. Cohen's Store for his art & books & other items.

If you want the direct link it's here:

The link will be posted on the side bar. Oh wait... there it is! Like magic. So now you have no excuse. Go buy stuff with your Home Equity Lines of Credit for G-d's sake!



Chris Howard said...

Great idea, Lon. I've picked up some interesting shirts and mugs from CafePress, and I've created a few, mostly for my own purposes, some Aristotle related material, or if you're a Harry Potter fan, I made S.P.E.W. shirts for my kids a few years ago. Thanks for building the bandwagon. Looks like I need to climb on board.

ObilonKenobi said...

Hey I do what I can. I will add more to my store if there's demand. It's going to be big I tell ya' Thanks for reading my blog and commenting!!