Friday, November 11, 2005

Democrat Rant

Again this was a comment on another blog that I have converted into a post on my own blog.

I guess like most Democrats today we are all over the map. That's the unfortunate side effect of trying to encompass everyone who is not ultra-conservative these days. We have a scattering of ideology. That's the major sin of Democrats. We can't get to those few issues we can all pretty much agree on because we don't want to seem as stiff and dogmatic as the GOP. Every time we do the GOP seems to be able to splinter us apart and we end up with Democrats all over saying to reporters "Well, yes I support the president because people die in Iraq when I don't." They backtrack too much and this was never more evident than during the last Election.

This administration laid out the rhetoric that contrary opinion causes death in Iraq. They said because we don't 100% support this war that we allow young men to die or even worse want them to be unprotected. Where was it written that people who opposed the Vietnam War wanted a weak America? I beg to differ. Sending young men to die in a war that most Americans don't even understand the basic principles of does not strengthen a country.

Bush said we have to support the Iraq War because if we don't we look weak to terrorists. By what logic does sending Americans to fight against a regime that had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks end that form of terrorism. In that case Bush should have send troops to Saudi Arabia since they were the ones with a large representation of nationalities in the terrorist attacks. Plus Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind, was Saudi. Osama turned to us because he was too afraid to fight his own country. He turned to us to make a point. He made us strong for a few moments but because of the weak leadership we fell apart. He proved to the world what he was saying. That America responds with force against the weakest scapegoat we can find.

By this administration’s own admission we should be attacking North Korea right now. Bush included them in the axis of evil including Iran. North Korea was very flagrant about their nuclear policy. Iraq never announced to the world they would begin researching nuclear power like Iran has done. What have we gained in Iraq? Even if the mission is 100% successful in instilling a legitimate democratically elected government what have we done to make the world safer from terrorism? Nothing. How has this Iraq War broken the backs of Al Qaeda?


The Phoenix said...

A political post? Interesting...

I would say the problem with Democrats is not being able to really unify all the moderates and undecideds, like myself. I consider myself an independent. I have very Republican and Democratic views on things.

As far as the war in Iraq is concerned, I am like most Americans in that we're angry there weren't any WMDs. Sure, there were traces of old and the potential.

But living in a post 9-11 world, I was for going out and striking against those with intentions to harm Americans. I guess that list of countries is pretty long.

It's a mess over there, that's for sure. But I think Dems need to focus on what they will do instead of going on a negative campaign route.

One thing I do know - Hillary Clinton is a Socialist, and there is no way I would ever vote for such a two-faced person. Never ever.

ObilonKenobi said...

"Hillary Clinton is a Socialist" I haven't followed her career as a NY Senator so I am not sure of her voting record but I was not aware how she was perceived except thos "Go Home Hillary" bumber stickers. I need to do some investigating. I think that if it's Hillary vs. McCain in the 2008 election the dems don't stand a chance. I think the dems will have to find someone with more mass appeal. If it wasn't for McCain who by the way if so obviously already campaigning for the next Republican nomination I think Hillary would have a shot and we'd have dueling dynasties in the presidency. That being said, I have to ask if the election were held today and it was Bush vs. Clinton who would win?

Athene Aquinas said...

There is no excuse for this war... no justification. What scares isn't as much Bush's opportunism, but the ability of the masses to stick their heads into the sand or follow the lead lemming off of the cliff's end is what I think most Europeans fear, and would venture to say the world. That so many Americans believed the hype and propaganda scares the SHI* outta me, and I'm American.

ObilonKenobi said...

I agree. Before the war I believed all the hype they spilled on us. They trecked out everyone who owed the Bush regime a favor to say they had WMDs. As it went on I became more and more suspicious. By the time Bush played dress up on the aircraft carrier with that rediculous "Mission Accomplished" banner behind him, I was done and doner with the whole administration. (Not that I was a big fan before but from 9/11 on I supported the government's action thinking they only had the safety of America at heart.) I did all I could to convince as many people as I could to vote against Bush. I supported Kerry dispite his failings. He was a former soldier who volunteered and then came back to speak against a war he fought in with his fellow soldiers and did not support. He was one of those soldiers. Bush dodged the war with some bogus National Guard service he never showed up for and these pig-headed people never saw it for what it was, a sham! I agee that I can't believe so many people fell for it despite the evidence against Bush's character. I scared the Sh*t outta me too...