Sunday, November 20, 2005


During the next week I will be composing my Part 2 to the Four Forces of the Universe post (Sounds a lot like the Justice League of America!) but there were some housekeeping issues I wanted to get out of the way first! I will be interupting the Science Posts once in a while to interject these smaller ones between because the science posts take longer to write and I am trying to submit this work to professional markets and work full time and write my fiction stories and novel as well. Whew!

Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m a sucker for the holidays so below is a link to a very funny Thanksgiving song that has been going around the internet. Check it out:

Turkey Day Song!


Next, I wanted to promote some of the podcasts that I listen to on politics, general interest, science & science fiction. If you have an iPod (which I recommend) or any MP3 player you can listen to these at work, on the road or anytime. Great stuff.

Washington Week

From the show’s about page: For 38 years, Washington Week has delivered the most interesting conversation of the week. Washington Week is the longest-running public affairs program on PBS. The show first aired locally on WETA on February 23, 1967. A few months later it began broadcasting over Eastern Educational Network, a group of 14 stations located between Washington, D.C. and Maine. In January 1969, it became the first local program to air on the new Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Washington Week features a group of journalists participating in roundtable discussion of major news events.


From the show’s about page: Slate will offer regular weekday podcasts of one or more of our articles read aloud (mostly by me, Slate's resident radio guy). Think of this as books on tape—only without the books and without the tape.

On The Media

How do you keep the Washington press corps honest?
Why do we both love and hate the Hollywood blockbuster film?
Is television coarsening our culture?
Who can turn the world on with a smile?
Those are the kinds of questions the On the Media staff handles every week. As you might imagine, not just any staff can handle that kind of material.

Slacker Astronomy

Funny & informative astronomy. From the show’s about page: Pamela Gay and Travis Searle are the golden disembodied voices that sing you to sleep every week. Pamela has a PhD in Astronomy and works at the Harvard Science Center. Travis as a BA in Broadcast Journalism and works at the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO). They both are certifiably nuts. The show was created by Aaron Price, the Director and head writer. He has a Masters in Astronomy and is working on a Doctorate. He works with Travis at the AAVSO, where he has been for 7 cool years. Prior to that he was a dotcom burnout.

Universe Today

From show’s info page: Are you interested in the space and astronomy news but feel like there's just too much going on to stay on top of it all? Universe Today is different from your regular news website. Instead of writing in-depth articles, we just provide an overview, and links to sites where you can get more detail - from where the news first breaks to all the media coverage, and even related resources. We find all the stories, even the really obscure ones, and gather them together in one fast, easy-to-read newsletter (free of technical jargon). You only need to spend 10 minutes a day, and you'll be completely up-to-date on all the breaking news in the space industry.

The Naked Scientists

From about page on website: The Naked Scientists are a media-savvy group of physicians and researchers from Cambridge University who use radio, live lectures, and the Internet to strip science down to its bare essentials, and promote it to the general public. Their award winning BBC weekly radio programme, The Naked Scientists, reaches a potential audience of 6 million listeners across the east of England, and also has an international following on the web.

Are We Alone?

From the show's about page: As astronomers find planets whirling about other suns, and hi-tech rovers scour the sands of Mars in search of ancient lakes, scientists are asking fundamental new questions about the origins of life on this planet and the prevalence of life in the cosmos. This is the exciting science of astrobiology - and we cover it every week on Are We Alone?

Winging It', Slice Of Sci-Fi & Cover To Cover

Two guys, Michael and Evo, and their side-kicks, The Kiss-Ass Mystic Ninjas, who produce three separate podcasts about science fiction including one where they drink beer and talk about anything, one which covers sci-fi on the Tube & the Big Screen and another that is strictly an interview show with authors. Good and funny!

I Should Be Writing

I Should Be Writing, the podcast. A podcast by a wanna-be writer named Mur for wanna-be writers. Great voice, good advice.

A Little About Why I Really, Really, Really Like Podcasts Because I Listen To Them On My Commute To Work And They're Free And Easy And Informative And Addictive As Hell And It's A Nice Close-Knit Community And I Am Thinking Of Starting One Myself.

Umm.... what he said.

Also, I like podcasts because:

  1. It updates automatically by subscribing to the feed through iTunes.

  2. I can keep up to date on stuff I’m interested in without having to sit down and read everything on the web, which I don’t have time to do.

  3. And most importantly: It’s free! You have to buy an MP3 player like an iPod and something that will transmit your iPod to your radio like an iTrip but after spending $400 or so on that set-up, it’s free.


Blogs are a little harder to keep up on because I have to read them regularly and if you read this one you know what that’s like. But here are a few I enjoy because they are very well done and most importantly, are not just daily diaries of what people do in their lives everyday which is very boring to me. (Sorry.)


The Phoenix! My Number One read! He works in some sort of super secret quasi government agency that allows him access to cool info that he then frames in a funny, creative way. You will find out stuff in his blog that was not meant for public consumption, which is why I love it so. Go, Go Phoenix!!

TPM Cafe

From the blog’s about page: TPMCafe is a public meeting place to read about and discuss politics, culture and public life in the United States. The site hosts both blogs and public discussion areas. It is owned and operated by TPM Media LLC, edited by Joshua Micah Marshall, and powered by the collaborative media application, Scoop.

A Medieval Moment

From the about this blog: Was life in the Medieval era really what you imagine it to be? Each post will take you back in time and show you the truth.

Citizen Of The Month

From his Technorati profile: Neil Kramer is a writer and web producer living in Los Angeles who writes about the humor of personal relationships and pop culture.

Small Town Press

From the web page’s title bar: Observations of a small town hick. A conservative who’s had it up to here with the “conservative right.”

Exclamation Mark's B-Movie Reviews

A fan of reviewing sci-fi/horror B-movies and cult films of yesteryear. Films of the 1950s a specialty.

Teh Blog Father

Funny blog reviews and blog promotion. He is truly Teh Blog Father. If you have a blog and want it reviewed by the best, go here.

Bad Astronomy

His name is Phil Plait and the crazy thing is that he promotes Good Astronomy and debunks the Bad so maybe his website should be called Good Astronomy but that doesn't sell as many Books! Both the web page and the blog are world famous and rightfully so. From the site's intro page: As an astronomer, teacher, lecturer and all-around science junkie, I am exposed to all sorts of people and their ideas about what goes on in the sky around them. I have been delighted to find that most people are very curious about the night (and day!) sky, but unfortunately a lot of misinformation is spread about astronomy. I feel obliged to right these wrongs when I can. The Bad Astronomy web pages are devoted to airing out myths and misconceptions in astronomy and related topics.

OK. I think that’s it for now.

Read my post below on Gravity below which is where a post on gravity should be, below, I mean...



The Phoenix said...

Your number ONE read? Holy cow, that's really such an honor...thanks so much for your kind words.

Writing my blog has given me the writer's itch...and it's been years since I've done it. Maybe you can inspire me to take it up again, my friend.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

ObilonKenobi said...

Yes. Number One. Better than being Number 2. That's what my grandfather always said. Anyway, your blog rocks. You know how I feel about blogs that just tell you about someone's day, they suck. I have too little time and too little people to bitch to about my own life and how things suck without reading someone else's drivel. Especially when it's poorly written. Well written, I like. Not wel written, I no like. Your blog is very entertaining. Keep it up. Looks like you've already got the writting bug and you've done something about it. We'll trade stories sometime. I'm merciless at editing!! And I like to do it.

Teh Blogfather said...

Aaaah, greetings Jedi! Thanks for mentionining me in your list. I have returned the favour and you are now Blog Of Teh Day ;-)

ObilonKenobi said...

No problem!!