Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nancy Pelosi Bucks Tradition - No lazy recess vacation for new Congress!

Tradition in the House of Representatives is to open in early January and then quickly adjourn after swearing in new members. The House then would stay closed until after the State of the Union address. NOT ANYMORE! What better way to show America that the Democratic Party isn't going to spend a majority of the year in recess?

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Jon said...

You sure have a lot of optimizism, but based on the rest of the words that have come out of Bela Pelosi's mouth not a whole lot will change. She has already backtracked on one of the promises that got them the majority in the first place; implementing ALL of the 9/11 commission recommendations.

Way to go Pelosi, you showed that politics haven't changed under Democrat majority in Congress.

ObilonKenobi said...

I do have optimism but I was afraid of this happening. I can only hope that in the next two years the Democratic majority can put Congress back on track and make it an independent branch of the government and not a rubber stamp tool for the Executive branch. Backtracking a little is OK but moving away from the 9/11 commission recommendations is not.