Thursday, December 21, 2006

Post to respond to comment

Here is a response to someone who commented on the post I did about the Iranian government hosting an anti-Semitic art contest that denies the Holocaust. The commenter said I made it seem like terrorists become suicide bombers because they had nothing better to do and that America was at fault for making us the enemy of the Middle East. I can't disagree with the fact that 6 years of GWB has pretty much screwed up our reputation and image across the globe with an FU attitude as if we're a bunch of freaking cowboys. Looks like after recent elections and events in the congress (Heard of the Mark Foley scandal? I think he said, "take a ruler out and measure it." to a congressional page but I am not exactly sure. You'll have to do your own research on that one) the Bush Administration's Cowboy Attitude is turning into Brokeback Mountain. Not that I'm complaining, I mean if it ain't Brokeback then don't fix it.

I digress from my point. For some reason people without any support of their criticisms whatsoever like to tell me I am wrong and base my posts off of erroneous info and when I do the research (cause I'm a paranoid Jewish bastard) I see I am right after all and the commenter was just a blowhard with an agenda not an opinion. Go see some of the responses to stories of my own that I submitted to Now those guys can be brutal, yet terribly uninformed or lack a backbone to respond to my comments back to them with facts.

I like a good debate, so please comment. I respect the opinions of others, just please back up what you say with facts. Don't tell me I am wrong or erroneous or misspell one word on a blog. I mean, if you don't "get it" by now, you probably never will. By the way, if Hillary Clinton runs in the next election I am pasting her picture on every post I do. It really pisses of the Republicans. Especially the ones who were all for impeaching a president who got a BJ and lied but not one who started a war on false and thin data knowingly skewing the facts and now over 2,000 of my countrymen are dead for it.

I will say it again and again: I do not get it. However, perhaps after this last election other people are so that's good.

Anyway, here is my response. The original comment can be found here.

I could only see what you are saying if I had the ability to put myself I their shoes, which as a Jew, I cannot. It is a bit like you are saying that Timothy McVeigh kinda had a point because the US government does do bad things and taxes are a very big strain on the poorer folks. Besides, didn't have that whole Revolution from England thing because of taxes?

Anyone who can promote hatred as a national agenda and hold contests like this doesn't have a political position, he has a hate mongering position.

Hitler had a point too if you were a Nazi, so did Stalin and so did the Europeans who wiped out the Native Americans. Why doesn't America hold a contest to show how well we developed this country into a superpower while rolling over an entire continent's culture? That would be fun.

You can't say that this is in any way justified. Suicide bombers "believe" in what they are doing because they "believe" in a Jihad. That is because they are poor, uneducated, and are told from the time they can understand that America is evil and that only Islam is right. They are raised on the beliefs and faith of religion as physical truth, which it is not. It is a guide to living a good life, not how to fight a war against oppression.

I do not agree with you. If I look at the situation in the Middle East and Southeast Asia I see a people blinded to the fact that although our interest lies in oil, it is because it is fundamental to the survival of our culture, economy and power, our way of life.

We consume oil. The billionaire families in Saudi Arabia should be the targets of Osama Bin Laden not the US. It's like people in the US who say that we should be helping Americans get jobs and food not other countries.

The terrorists need to look at their own countries and the power structure there. If they did then they could see that it is their fellow man who keeps them down and that they need to rise up and reclaim their lands to greatness once again.

The Middle East was a great center of knowledge, intelligence, and now it is in a shambles. Partly because of the US and Europeans. The US and the Jews are NOT all to blame.

Only when the people of those nations un-blind themselves to their own power to rule themselves and make their world better as so many other countries have done, then will there be peace. Until then, this is the way it will be. A country full of hate, where children grow up to become instruments of self-destruction and tools for wealthy, power hungry men like Osama Bin Laden. Men who "claim" to be Godly men but are truly evil. Like Hitler, like Stalin, like a whole host of men before them tricking their fellow countrymen that someone else is to blame for their condition.

I welcome a response.



Nenya said...

As far as responding to your original post goes, I think that this dispute between Muslims and Jews has gone far enough_ essentially, I can see why one would see a cartoon about the holocaust as retaliation to a cartoon against Mohammed, but what I fail to see is how either attitude is either right, or just. One wrong should not drive people to commit another, because both parties have then sunk equally low. But then, one could expect Ahmadinejad to sink that low.
I had, in fact, commented on the conference myself (here), but I didn't know about the comic.
True, many people, even Europeans, have seen the USA as a country playing fast and loose with other nations integrity, moreso because of the extremely wide idea of "national self-defense" that the USA have held to since the beginnings of the XXth century.
This has, indeed, made it extremely easy for proselytists either secular or religious to make cannon fodder out of poor people who simply can't see a light at the end of the tunnel; this is particularly true if the local elites are those masterminds. In the end, if these poor men believe in the existence of some "evil power" that masterminds the dreadful destinies they are sentenced to have, they almost feel destined to do something.
That's not something I agree with_ it's just how I think it happens.
The worst part of it, of course, is that no one has a choice in this_ one cannot let terrorists go unchecked, a fact which terrorists are sure to exploit for their own purposes, which will make them seem worse, etc...
*shrugs* my two cents.

lcgd said...

Very well said. Look for my next post that addresses this.