Sunday, September 02, 2007

To Good To Be True!

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(CNN)–Senator Larry Craig is hiring some big guns from the legal world, including Michael Vick's lawyer, to represent him in his upcoming legal proceedings.Craig said he has retained Vick's attorney, Billy Martin, to handle most of his legal affairs. He said he has retained Stan Brand, who represented Major League Baseball in connection with the congressional investigation into Major League Baseball’s steroid policies, to handle issues pertaining to an investigation by the Senate Ethics committee.

(If that's not enough:)

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President Bush called Craig after Saturday's announcement.

"He told him he knew it was a difficult decision for him and he wished him well," White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said.

The White House's position is that "Sen. Craig made the right decision for himself, his family, his constituents and the U.S. Senate," Stanzel said.

(In light of my recent post this is too ironic! In addition, Craig is in a state of denial... I mean he is denying he is guilty.)

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